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Just like many other parts of our day to day lives have changed with the Internet, so has the way we book travel. Previously travel agents were traveler’s only access to airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and cruises. Now travelers have access to all of these travel options with a click of a mouse
At LGN International we pride ourselves in providing cutting edge ways for people to book travel for discounted prices and go see the world. Our mission is "Freedom to choose your own Destiny and Destination”. We believe that the best compliment someone can give you is a referral, and that word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful advertising in the world. LGN International believes that with the power of the Internet; word-of mouth advertising is the best opportunity for us to grow our travel business

LGN International thrives on the opportunity to financially reward our Independent Associates for driving our growth. Our motto can best be described on the quote below.

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

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James Ward
James Ward CEO LGN

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Michael Gord
Michael Gord IT LGN

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the LGN International project?

LGN International�s group is an international group, furthermore our representative and adviser group is global available, we�re a company that registered in America which our founder is in England.

What is LGN International's business?

We�re currently investing in these main fields : developing the blockchain technology and mining, upadating the international online trading platform regularly, developing games and apps which included human factors, developing messaging apps and security features.

Do we have profit to pay the investors?

We distribute our funds into 3 kinds: short-term, mid-term and long-term, we do have Practical ecosystem for user experience. So we can commit that. We have a stable source of income to pay the investors.

Why do we choose X11 technology for LGN International?

We want to develop our own Blockchain to create security and superior features for users.

Who can participate in the project

All ages 18 and older can register and come to LGN. However, it is up to the local law where you live.

Will LGN International be on track?

We demonstrate to users about making real profits to investors by having an application platform available. Experienced team of experienced in the development and application of blockchain. So we will be confident about the roadmap we give.

When I introduce a person to digging coin, what benefits will I get?

You will get 20% activation money for the community. You have completed one of the six community reward steps, gaining 10% of the total mineralization value activated by your new member, and gaining 2% of your miner's minions for 12 months.

When I participate in building community, what will I get?

You will be rewarded with 20% direct brokerage and complete community commissioning mission up to $ 700 for each mission completion.

Will my maximum earnings be limited?

Your income is unlimited, it depends on the contribution and effort you have built with LGN international.

What guarantees LGN Coin's value?

The total reserves of coarse LGN are very limited: 26 million coin, each mineral coin consumes the amount of coin and mineral coin is equal to 1/10 per month. The amount of POS coin is permanently removed. Along with the payment application in travel, LGNPLAY, LGNPAY will ensure stable value.

Is it to high if the pre-sale price is 200$?

The creation of coin value in the market and high application is the big difference from other token in the market.

What is minimum invesment?

You can start investing and run your business career with 1$ only

How can I complete a community task?

You need to help at least 2 members meet community standards is okay. See also the policy section on the main page.

Why did the mission complete and I still do not have a bonus?

Missions 2 * onwards require at least one new member to be able to withdraw community bonuses. Please check that you have completed.

Do I lose the community bonus when it is completed but there are new members?

You do not lose the bonus. It will be kept in 24H for you to complete new member activation. After the time above it will not be reserved.

What is a 5 star bonus?

You will be activated 50% of the LGN coin required to activate mineral coin by 10% of the current LGN price.

How to start mining coin?

To launch the miner coin with LGN you need the corresponding amount of LGN coin to activate our peach.

Where do I find LGN coin to activate the miner coin?

There are many ways for you to own a LGN coin to activate a miner coin like: join a community mission. in LGNPAY, LGNPLAY, LGNWEED, or the trading platform it.

Can i lose money?

You can completely withdraw your money at any time you wish, we do not hold any of your credits. This is a safe project for you.

Do I have free money?

You do not lose any fees for your credit/debit card payments.

Can I transfer funds from my account to another account?

Yes, you can completely transfer your credits to any account.

How long does it take to activate my account?

50 confirmed by blockchain network

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